It is a two-in-one jelly product with four delectable flavors shaped into Korean alphabets for an enjoyable treat as well as a learning experience for kids. Also includes English alphabets and different shapes.

Includes the following
Consonants : ㄱ(ㄴ,ㅅ변형가능),ㄷ,ㄹ,ㅁ,ㅂ,ㅍ,ㅈ,ㅊ,ㅋ,ㅌ,ㅍ,ㅎ
Vowels : ㅏ,ㅑ,ㅣ,ㅐ

All consonants and vowels of the Korean language (Hangul) can be implemented by modifying the consonants and vowels included.
The two shapes are individually wrapped in 50g for easy bite-size treats and storage.